Camapag Centaur 11 speed shifting issues-Solved

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Has anybody got any experience with rear mech shifting issues on the new Camapag Centaur 11 speed?

It was a brand new shifter and derailleur. All the basics checked, hanger alignment, end stop screws, B screws (and the additional adjustment screw on Centaur), new chain, different cassettes/wheel combo’s…. etc etc

The derailleur its self just seems to travel too far in its throw. If I set the alignment on the bottom sprocket somewhere mid cassette it jumps 2 gears and only needs 9 shifts to get to the top sprocket. And visa versa if I align the top sprocket first.

Last thing to try tonight is removing all the internal cable liner, just to remove sticky cable as a possibility.


  • mercia_man
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    Could be a slack cable issue. I've had similar problem when replacing rear mech cable. Press right hand button all the way to the smallest cog position. Then pull cable taut and clamp it.
  • Kinda solved this in my head while writing out the description.....

    If the “throw” of the lever is to long then either the fulcrum point is in the wrong place (no) or the pull is too long. Can’t change the pull of the shifter, so the distance between the point of the pull on the lever and the fulcrum point must be too long…….? I’d routed the cable the wrong side of the fixing screw……

    I seem to remember on Shimano/Sram there’s a little groove in the derailleur to route the cable in, on Campag this groove is the clamp/washer. This makes it less obvious where to fit the cable.

    Hope somebody learns from my mistake..!!
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    at least you worked it out. -wheel building and other stuff.