Is it a bird; is it a plane…..? No it’s a missing bike

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Has anyone ever successfully got money from Kryptonite for a bike that has been stolen?

I mean does anyone, even know someone who has.

I’ll even take ‘a friend, of a friend, you don’t know’?

I would love it if their scheme was real.

But is their ‘Anti-Theft Protection Offer’ just a marketing ploy?

I mean they must have a lot of extra $24.99 coming in, and if they next to never pay out – that’s all cream on top.

Plus all the extra sales where people have bought the lock because of the ATPO

I have an Abus D-Lock and chain, I’m thinking of adding a Kryptonite lock, if this is a real offer.

I just have to follow their instructions.

But how often do bike thieves take the lock as well, when they steal a bike. As that’s the only fly in the ointment.

Anyway… there must be a lot of you that use Kryptonite Locks… there must be a fair few of you who have had their bikes [with the locks on] stolen…. And then there must be some of you who have had their bikes, stolen… with the locks on… and who are signed in to the ATPO scheme… where the thieves left the broken lock behind. Did you apply for the money? Did you get it?

Again – I’m happy for any feedback on the scheme



  • The lack of response tends to suggest one of 2 things.

    1. The locks are great.
    2. The scheme is crap.

    By the way the scheme IS crap. Such schemes always are. You have to register your bike within a certain time and plus there's likely loads of small print that the company will use to invalidate any claim. Even if they did actually pay out, the payout would likely be drastically reduced because of volcanos on Io, Bexit or simply just because.