Certain gears are "clicky"

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Hi all,

So getting back into cycling after a few years out, so I get the bike out the garage, reapplied some Prolink chain lube, checked the tyres, thats pretty much where my maintenance work ends :D

All is ok with the ride, just that certain gears selections and I get that clicking sound like its not quite in gear, I wondered if there is some adjustment I can do to help get rid of these "problem gears"?

Bike is a Specialized Allez, so I guess an entry level road bike. Any help appreciated.



  • cooldad
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    Probably just needs a small adjustment of the mech. See Parktools link in my sig for how to do things.

    But if it's just been rotting in a shed for a couple of years, it might need much more. Like new cables etc.
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  • Cheers pal, will take a look. Don't think its anything drastic, been well stored in the garage, no damage.
  • keef66
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    Should just need a tweak to the barrel adjuster on the rear mech to get the indexing spot on. Lot easier if you have a workstand, but it's doable with the bike upside down or with somebody holding the rear wheel off the ground while you tinker.

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  • slowbike
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    could be the hanger has taken a knock - which needs a hanger realignment tool - so if you still can't get on with it - perhaps ask your LBS to do a hanger realignment for you ...