Recommendation for inexpensive cadence sensor?

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I use Strava on my smartphone to record my daily commutes, which gives me most of the data I am interested in.

But now i would also like to know my pedalling cadence so I am looking into buying a cycle computer with a cadence sensor. Currently I am thinking of either the Wahoo Elemnt Mini or Sigma BC 14.16 STS.

Interested to get any feedback from others who use one of those computers, or suggestions for alternatives.

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  • Broono83
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    Depending what phone/how you use it you have you could buy a Speed/Cadence sensor that pairs direct to you phone?

    I have a Galaxy S8 so its waterproof and has bluetooth but also Ant+. I decided just to buy a mount for my phone and pair it with my existing Ant+ garmin speed/cadence sensor. Strava displays live sensor data with Premium (maybe now performance pack or whatever its called).

    Depends on what gear you already have and if you pay for Strava as this might work out cheaper or more expensive than a small computer and sensor!
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    Decathlon have a cheap cadence sensor.

    TBH - you can do it yourself if you can count for 15 seconds or so.
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    Don't buy a computer just to get cadence data - as they said, your phone can do this. But do buy a computer because you want a dedicated device, built for the conditions, that does it all in a small, neat package.

    Then buy whatever cadence sensor you can find - they pretty much all do the same thing and talk to the same devices (if your phone is Bluetooth only, make sure you get a Bluetooth sensor).
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  • If it’s only a commute type ride I’d say find a cheap eBay sensor and pair it with your phone and a tracker app.
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    Thanks to all for your replies. I have a Samsung galaxy S7 so I will look into pairing a cadence sensor to that instead of buying a computer. I also have a Garmin vivomove watch so I will probably look for a Garmin sensor, rather than have too many brands.

    A bike computer may well be purchased at a later date...