Rear derailleur hanger snap - damaged frame too? [pics]

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Hi all,

Bit of a disaster whilst cycling along and trying to change gear at the end of a long ride yesterday. All of a sudden I heard an ominous sound and turn around to see my rear derailleur caught in the spokes of the back wheel after the hanger snapped.

On closer inspection it seems the frame dropout around the hanger may have suffered some damage in the incident too, but not being too familiar with these things I can't tell if it's just superficial and I can replace the hanger or if the frame is now fundamentally damaged too. Can anyone judge from the photos below or do I need to take it into the bike shop?

Many thanks!



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    That doesn’t look good at all I’m afraid. I can’t see clearly on my phone but it does look like there’s some damage to the frame.

    Take it to a proper bike shop and get them to sort it. They’re usually fixable even if it’s not as simple as swooping the hanger. I say this from years of crit racing and chucking bikes in and out of cars, stuff happens.

    Also a reminder to inspect your bike as you regularly clean it.
  • sungod
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    from the pictures can't tell if it was twisted/bent, but it doesn't look like it

    otherwise zoomed in it looks like scratches and paint damage

    remove old hanger, clean, inspect, if it's ok, fit new hanger

    it's worth checking hangers every now and then for any sign of cracking or other damage
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    I think the sequence of events may have been slightly different - ie due to some issue with the limit setting on your derailleur (or possibly a slack spoke that deformed) your derailleur cage caught one or more spokes causing it to wrap around and snap the derailleur hanger.

    Anyroads - you have a snapped hanger that can be replaced fairly easily. From your pics it does not appear that the dropout has been affected. However it is difficult to be absolutely sure so my recommendation would be to take the frame to an LBS that you can trust and have them check out the frame and dropout. Last thing you want is to fit a new hanger and ride off only for your chain stay or seat stay to snap due to some unseen damage
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    I think the frame will be fine i think, put the hanger against it and see how much if any metal you've lost.

    I had a similar hanger on a specialized frame and that looked but but in reality there was next to no damage at all, its cut to match the hanger.
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  • CitizenLee
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    Frame looks fine to me ;)
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