Hydraulic disc Brakes rebuild

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Hiya - doing some pre planning I have a bike in frame repair currently has been fully stripped down to frame.

Wanted to put it back together myself on return so that for future maintenance I would know where everything goes etc.

Feeding the cables (internal) maybe a challenge but the hydraulic brakes is the one I fear the most, watched videos about bleeding I assume fresh install follows the same process to fill up?

I’m also reading that you should not reuse the olive? Is that true and why this is actually a new bike being repaired. If I do have to replace the olive how the hell do you get current one out? I’d assume if I cut the cable it will then be too short.

Any other tips on rebuild welcome, this is on a Canyon Aeroad with DI2, the cables are still all connected to the levers.


  • timothyw
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    Not sure why you wouldn't reuse the olive.

    As you correctly surmise, replacing the olive would also involve cutting the hose down by at least the length of the barb (which you will also have to replace).

    You do mention that your frame has internal routing - if so, you probably can't feed the hoses through while they have the barb etc installed, so assuming the repair shop has removed the hoses, they probably had to cut them off anyway, and you will want to replace the whole hose.
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    Interesting point, will have to see when I get it back, as I took it direct from being stripped to repair place so didn’t really examine what state the cables are in.

    With regards the hydraulic bleed kit is it just Shimano bleed kit that I need or is there a particular model for R8000 ?
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    Not sure I'm afraid. You might want to take a look at the Shimano tech documents.

    I just ended up buying a couple of generic kits from eBay until I had all the bits I needed
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    As above, olive is completely reusable but only if it will go through the internal routing holes, if it came out.......
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    It's possible that it was originally assembled with those awful J-kit connector things, in which case they probably just disconnected them and left all the cables still routed as they were in the frame and under the bar tape.

    This was the case with my Tarmac and they looked so ugly, along with all the excess cable, so I just redid the whole lot from scratch. It's only £20 for a length of hose and some barbs & olives so it might be worth it if you're rebuilding it from scratch.
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    Just rebuild it