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Girond Canal & Canal du Midi cycle advice

Pringo9Pringo9 Posts: 2
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I’m after some advice from fellow cyclists who have knowledge of cycling the route of the Canal du Midi & the Gironde canal, which links the Atlantic Ocean to The Medeteranian sea.

I am considering this route for a potential charity ride in May / June 2019, but have very little information as to its suitability relating to my own personal circumstances.

I am a full-time wheelchair user and as such, would be looking to complete the entire route on my recumbent handcycle. There are plenty of blogs etc online from people who have completed the route on two wheels, but no such luck from anyone using a handcycle.

So, if there is anyone out there who has either completed this cycle route themselves or has knowledge as to its suitability for someone using a handcycle I would love to hear from you.

Any advice, no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.



  • We cycled both routes 4 years ago. The canal de midi has some very rough areas and although I think they have done some upgrades, i don’t think it would be suitable for you. But maybe with lots of “googling” you might find it’s better now. There are actually lots of places where country roads run parallel to it, but probably a problem getting off the canal path to the roads.
    The path is paved for 60 Kim’s from Castelnaudary to Toulouse.
    The Girond is good and mostly paved so you should have no problem there. Although you will have to get off of the route to find accommodation.
    Good luck.
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