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Rock Shox Recon RL noise

DanDare446DanDare446 Posts: 7
edited August 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
I’ve just purchased a Bossnut Evo, upon carrying out initial sag, pre-load & rebound I’m getting a ‘suction, or sshhhh’ noise from the shocks if I get on the bike & use my weight to compress them, the noise is worse when the rebound is set at the slowest return rate & almost disappears when set for fastest (over sprung) rebound. This noise occurs on both down & up stroke.

I thought this wasn’t right so popped it in to Go Outdoors today, the cycle chap said it’s normal, I wasn’t convinced so asked if we could try another Evo which was in there for sale but this one done the same thing.

I can understand why there could be a noise of air going through a hole slowly thus causing the shock to rebound slowly but I’d like to know if this is in fact normal.

I’m taking it out on Saturday for some forest trail fun so I’ll have to see if it’s still doing it afterwards...



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