Hybrid/Tourer for small trips

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So after many years of thinking about buying a bike, I managed to grab an end of season Giant Escape 3 for £240 in February. I was pretty happy with it, but there was a problem with a loose rivnut, so I sent it back to Rutland, where sadly something went wrong and they have had to refund me. I now don't have a bike again..

They can look to maybe do me a deal, but the same model for 2018 is a nasty bright orange and I'm not too keen. However, now I've had a taste of the cycling, I wouldn't mind getting something a bit better, in the £4-500 range max.

I liked the GE3 because it was apparently very much the jack of all trades - good commuter, takes racks/panniers, 700x32 wheels for smooth rolling and quite relaxed.

This is the kind of thing I would be looking for. I have bought mudguards, so ideally would like 700x32 again, but not the end of the world. I would maybe like dropped handlebars, as that is better for longer rides.

Any recommendations for that kind of thing? Ideally at Rutland. All help appreciated!