GS to SS mech. Chain length

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My new bike came with a GS R8050 rear derailleur. I wanted short so I have bought the SS version. Fitted it tonight and as per chain length calcs, I removed an inch off the chain.

Now in a big rear big front combo, the chain seems so so tight. Now I can't recall if it was this tight before.

The chain was already 2 inches shorter than the calc suggests but it's a brand new bike so I thought the chain would be to spec.

Should I have removed an inch for GS to SS (medium to short cage)?

Oh and that's with a 28 cassette. The bike came with 30.


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    Always measure then cut. Generally around big/big, excluding the mech, plus a link.
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    The derailleur shouldn't have made any difference in the chain length. The measurement is big sprocket and big ring without going through the derailleur and add 2 links including the split link.
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