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Super Record + Veloce = ?

ttdttd Posts: 15
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does it make any difference which front derailleur (Veloce 10S, Athena 11S, Centaur 10S/11S, etc.) I use with my Super Record groupset?
I have damaged my SR FD beyond repair but I still have my old (in perfect condition) Veloce 10S FD. Will it work? It theory no, no way. But in practice I think there's no difference between SR and V front mechanisms although V might be a bit slower or harder to activate.

My friend runs Chorus 11S groupset with Centaur 10S FD without any issues at all. So my conclusion is that my shiny black Veloce will replace SR perfectly (only adding a few grams to the bike's weight).


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,969
    won't make any difference, the pull ratio will be the same..
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