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Chainring cross brand replacement

craigus89craigus89 Posts: 887
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My wife rides a 52/36 and could do with being on 50/34. She has an FSA SL-K crankset as linked below which is quite light so would rather replace the chainrings rather than buy a whole new crankset if possible.

I'm struggling to find anywhere that does 50/34 chainrings for that crankset. My question is can I use other brands or other FSA rings? What dimensions are the critical ones? It says 110BCD on the ring and it is 4 bolt holes not 5. I'm a little lost with it.

Thanks for any help. ... 7412727005


  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    They are available in a 50-34. Here's a place in the US that does them but I'm not sure what the availability is in the UK. Can't see any reason why they wouldn't be available there. ... gJPcPD_BwE (Just a random seller I found, not recommending them as I have never made any purchases there)
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