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David millar film

mooromooro Posts: 426
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Any news on the David Millar - Timetrial film? Anyone seen it? Any good?

Apols if it’s been posted before but I can’t see it in my search!


  • carbonclemcarbonclem Posts: 1,083
    I fancied going to a screening but the dates were isolated and I couldn't get to my closest easily (35 miles away). Its on iTunes now to rent so I'll watch on there, but what with the Tour taking up my TV time, and the great weather making me feel guilty being indoors, I'm saving it for a rainy day.

    I went to the launch event back in 2012, so a week or two extra waiting now won't hurt.
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  • shazzzshazzz Posts: 1,073
    I went to watch it in the cinema - it's certainly worth seeing on the big screen if you like your pro racing but I don't think it is one of those sports docs that non-fans will rave over. The MSR footage is very absorbing and was a highlight for me.
    Millar goes full pseud in a couple of places which is a bit tedious, but I guess that's to be expected...
  • iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784
    This is a flawed film but compelling in parts.

    The race footage is great, and hearing the riders talking really changes it. I loved seeing the riders trying to block the road on TA and then shouting at people who dared to attack.

    I found some of the editing where you'd get race footage cut with completely different footage (different races or different years) quite jarring.
    Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.
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