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Fulcrum racing 5 disc wheel spoke ?

comsensecomsense Posts: 245
edited July 2018 in Workshop
Can anyone tell me where I'd get a fulcrum spoke for a front left side on racing 5 disc wheel?

I've a pair of racing sport 77 disc and spokes seem identical so if anyone knows where I'd get one of those I'll take a chance
Finding these has proven to be very difficult


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 27,707
    They are standard straight pull spokes, all you need is the length. If you still have the spoke to replace, you can measure it from the end of the thread to the point where it flares at the head.
    If you don't, you can measure another spoke from the point where it flares to the point where it meets the nipple and add 10 mm.
    Once you have the measure, you can order a replacement STRAIGHT PULL (or more) from JRA, the D-Light will do
  • comsensecomsense Posts: 245
    Thanks Ugo,
    Not the first time you helped me out on this forum
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