Look Keo Sprint pedal annoying tapping noise on right pedal down stroke

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Hello all.

I have a pair of Look Keo Sprint pedals (not carbon) on my Cube. I've been using them for a few weeks now, but over the last few rides one pedal seems to have developed an annoying noise. The noise seems like the noise made if you haven't clipped into the pedal and you tap your foot on top of the pedal. Not sure if that makes sense :).

I'm using the grey cleats with the rubbery bits on. The only difference I can see between the cleats is that I seem to have a cut in the front part of the rubbery bit of the cleat on my right shoe. The noise is only made on the down stroke of my right foot and seems prevalent at the bottom of the stroke. It doesn't seem to come from the left pedal at all.

Anyone have any ideas? It only seems to make the noise every now and again, usually when I'm spinning the pedals quickly and pushing into the wind or riding on rough roads. The pedals and cleats have only been used on around 8 rides.

I thought it could be something loose, but I have tried wobbling my right foot up and down and the noise is only made at certain times.



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    Cleats tight? The number of times I've thought noises where in all kinds of different places on the bike and it turns out my cleats are loose...
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    Could just be a small amount of play between pedal and cleat particularly as they're quite new and the materials haven't yet married together.

    When I get noises having fitted new cleats I apply a bit of dry wax lube on contact points between pedal and cleat which cures it. Eventually through use the pedal and cleat marry together and the noises stop.
  • benws1
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    Thanks both. :)

    I'll double check the cleat tightness.

    Philip, you could be on to something there. I can recreate the noise (when it happens) by lifting my foot and pressing it back down again, at the bottom of the pedal stroke. I didn't think for one second that new stuff would have play. I have some muc-off dry lube so I'll apply that and see how I get on.

    Thanks again.