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Cannondale Bad Boy 4 on trails?

BarkervilleBarkerville Posts: 6
edited July 2018 in MTB general
Hi all,

I have recently ordered a Cannondale Bad Boy 4 to go to work and back, really like the look and feel.

I was just wondering if anyone owns one or what their opinion is about going on trails with it? Would it handle it or would you consider it strictly a road bike? Nothing heavy just a canal trail or something?

Thanks for the advice, I'm new to all this so apologies if it's a bit vague!



  • 02gf7402gf74 Posts: 1,168
    I'm sure it will cope with canal paths. To me ithe bad boy us a closer to being like a cyclo cross bike, basically a road bike with wider tyres and more powerful brakes . If you ve ever watched a cyclo cross race, the stuff they ride on is mind boggling.

    Ilk put my money ont the rider and not the bike being the limiting factor.
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