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Rear Derailleur hitting cassette

DemonTraitorDemonTraitor Posts: 8
edited July 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
Tried the wife's new (cheap/beginner) B'Twin Rockrider MTB bike this morning (bought yesterday).

Everything working fine - gears shifting well etc.

The only problem is the derailleur is bouncing up and hitting the cassette when going over rough terrain. It's only making clunking noise, and not causing any other problems.

I checked my MTB (Specialized Rockhopper) and the derailleur does not move in that direction at all.

Will I be able to fix this with the B screw?

I am pretty okay with some bike adjustments, but don't tend to like to play with the derailleur too much :?

Thank you :)



  • ed1973ed1973 Posts: 181
    I would check that the derailleur is tightened to the hanger first, then go with the b screw. Lots on YouTube about b screw adjustment. Failing that I would take it back to the shop, if it was decathlon you bought it from, their mechs will be able to sort it. Let us know how you get on.
  • Thanks will probably take it to the shop haha. May as well as it's new etc

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