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2017 Nukeproof Scout build

dirkpitt74dirkpitt74 Posts: 518
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So earlier this year I made a cheeky bid for a Nukeproof Scout frame on the CRC eBay outlet - I won.
Luckily the Post Man beat the 'Beast From the East' and dropped this off a couple of days later:


Yep, it's definitely red!

Stealth routing on seat tube for dropper:
(other cable ports are on the RHS of the frame which I didn't photo.....)

Box of assorted bits - cable grommets, cable ties, touch-up paint and a chainstay protector:

The Suntour forks will be taken off and sold.
The stem and square taper BB will be moved to my lad's new build.

Not bad for £150!

Final (bar a couple of potential changes....) build spec will be close to this:


I'd already got most of the bits but needed forks - so got the Marzocchi 350's as I've been impressed with the 55's on my Mega.

All this has sat in the garage for a few months as I've had other things on with work, house and sorting my lads NS Clash.

Measured and cut Heli-Tape for some frame protection over the weekend.
Started to fit it earlier this week.

First couple of pieces going on with plenty of water and smoothing with credit card.





Started bolting it together earlier.
Taped and valved the wheels to give tubeless another go.

Fitted forks and stem.

Think I have a problem with my forks though.
When I tidied the garage the other week I moved the box with my forks and put them laid down on my bench.
I think with the heat in the garage the oil has thinned and run past the seals, there was a fair bit of oil on the forks and in the bottom of the box.

Gonna send them off and get them looked at.

More to follow.


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