going mental....

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thats how i feel. Reason is i got my self a Trek Roscoe 8, already been upgraded so has Renthal bars xt brakes also tubless , So im new to Trek and never had one and only been on it few times down gravel track and not been yet to bike parks. Im mental (stupid thoughts) is this. I can sell my Trek and put abit towards a 2019 Commencal Meta am hardtail, now I am familiar with Commencal bikes as had quite a few in my time. I do like my Trek etc but why do i. keep getting feeling and edging more towards the Commencals driving me nuts, as well as missus ;p.

Just like to ask anyones thought really.

ps I could keep the Trek and get a Remedy frame and build it up slowly for next year.


  • JGTR
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    If you’ve only ridden it down a few gravel tracks so far I’d just keep the one you have, ride it more and maybe think about a 2020 Commencal Meta.
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    If you feel that strongly, then do it.

    Life is short and unpredictable, in the end its only money..