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First trainer ride, 2 punctures

LukeD1ukLukeD1uk Posts: 5
Hello All, I just got my first trainer and signed up for a Zwift trial. I have the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ and put my road bike on it. I have a Butler San Remo from 2012 with 23c tyres and I weight over 100kg, so I need a high pressure in the tube.

I did a 1 hour ride and got 2 punctures has anyone ever experienced this? I do get puncture a lot anyway out of the road, I literally had one 2 days ago after hitting a pot hole as well.

My rear tyre did get pretty warm, I'm not sure If I am giving myself a pinch flat when I bounce on the roller or I had something in my tube but the tyre itself it pretty old. I check and didn't feel or see anything inside the tyre so not sure.

Any advice would be great, Thanks. :)


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    What did the inner tube look like ? Where was the hole ?
  • LukeD1ukLukeD1uk Posts: 5
    Fenix wrote:
    What did the inner tube look like ? Where was the hole ?

    Both punctures where in different places, and very small holes.
    The second puncture wouldn't even let out air unless it had a fair bit of air in it when I was trying to find the hole.

    Not sure if that helps, I would have to take a look when home to give exact locations (inside/outside).
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,986
    When you say 'high pressure' - how much pressure are we talking? The turbo supports your weight anyway, so the only load on the tyre will be roller pressure. Personally, I tend not to use much more than about 90psi for turbo.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Well they aren't pinch flats then. You've something in your tyre. No doubt the tyre will have rotated and caused the second puncture.

    I've never had a puncture for no reason.
  • LukeD1ukLukeD1uk Posts: 5
    Thanks for the replies guys, just to give an update to this thread.

    I put a new tube in, triple checked my tyre and pumped up properly run it on the trainer on Zwift and it was perfect!
    Power felt right with default settings, resistant worked a treat and I got the power up to nearly 900 on a full-on sprint.

    Very Very happy with the trainer and Zwift at this point.

    The issue seemed to by my tyre pressure, I had some pump issues so I was running low on PSI which was causing my punctures and low power output due to increases resistance an tyre heat. So if anyone has an issue like this, check you're your tyres are properly pumped up.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,986
    You still haven't said what pressure you were running..
  • LukeD1ukLukeD1uk Posts: 5
    Imposter wrote:
    You still haven't said what pressure you were running..

    I'm not sure what it was because there was an issue with my pump, but I think it was less than 50psi.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,042
    I used a wheel on turbo for years with only ever 1 puncture that was with a tyre having been ridden outdoors and probably picked a flint up. If it happens again check the state of the rim tape.
    One reason I went to a direct drive Elite Muin, but be cautious of the Elite's overreading power outputs that are so very very generous. It's great for Zwift racing but I have to deduct 20% off the power data to use sensibly in Golden Cheetah.
    I dont possess anything like 330 watts FTP but thats what can happen on Zwift. As long as you are aware that it is a plaything basically despite all the hype and silliness that surrounds it.
    I'll be coming off it when my sub goes up in November from 8 quid.
    Sprinting practise on direct drive is a proper world difference to a wheel on turbo.
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