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Garmin Edge Touring pausing navigation

Davebo777Davebo777 Posts: 44
edited July 2018 in Tour & expedition
Last week I was able to sample the delights of South/West Cornwall over 5 days from Falmouth to Newquay with a buddy. We prepped by creating daily maps on Strava and exporting them to our Garmins. Mine is an Edge Touring Plus which I mostly use for recording group rides.

2 things frustrated me, one is a minor irritant the other is a major PITA.

Firstly, it sometimes sends you up a track or into a field just to turn around again. No biggy but irritating. I am guessing that's a Strava issue in creating the GPX/TCX file.

The 2nd issue is stumping me though and is a major problem when touring.

I load the course and hit RIDE, then 'Start' and off we go. If I get to a cafe stop though I normally pause and switch off then resume my ride after the stop. But when navigating a course it gets into all sorts of bother and cannot recalculate a route. If you reload the route it can't handle it. Speculation was that if you have waypoints that you have already passed then it is trying to navigate to the waypoints and not forwards from where you are.

In the end we often ended up just Googling the route and heading in the right general direction, plotting a new route using the Route Planner on the Garmin or the trusty OS Map but that ended up with us not sticking to our planned route.

Any ideas please sages ?

Thanks in advance, DBo.


  • durhamwaspdurhamwasp Posts: 1,247
    We were cycling in Italy recently, and the one guy with a Garmin Touring was the only one who's GPS kept stopping. We'd have 50km, and he'd have 42. Once it was uploaded to Strava it was all ok, but very frustrating when you were cycling. - Reports on Cingles du Mont Ventoux, Alpe D'Huez, Galibier, Izoard, Tourmalet, Paris-Roubaix Sportive & Tour of Flanders Sportive, Amstel Gold Xperience, Vosges, C2C, WOTR routes....
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