Corima Campagnolo hub 11S

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My wheels I purchased last year, Corima S+ 47 (built for 23mm)...which I simply love the best wheels I've ever used, recently I finished Ironman in Nice, France and the braking down the Alpes-Maritimes was simply bombproof!! Congrats Corima!!!.....anyway.......... After 5,000km I'm changing the Chorus cassette for the 1st time and noticed there isn't a spacer for my Campagnolo 11S hub.

Does anyone know whether I need a spacer on Corima S+ Campagnolo hubs? I've installed the cassette, everything looks tight but I can move the cassette from left to right. Just a click sound right to left, left to right, a few mm's I'm guessing. Looks ok......didn't have time to install Chorus chain yet. Just want to be precise with my shifting as I love these wheels that I use for summer!