Maxxis Ikon / Crossmark II... Front vs Back

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I wasn't sure where I should put this question, but as I already own the tires I figured it wasn't in the buying advice forum.

So I'm taking my old 26er on a fairly long multi-day ride (mostly gravel) and my only two real choices for tyres are an Ikon or a Crossmark II. I'm thinking I should put the Crossmark II on the back, and the Ikon on the front... but this is pure guesswork. I can't find anything on the Maxxis site to say which should roll better / have better grip to back up this guess.

Anyone got any input?


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    I'd go for Ikon front, Crossmark rear. This is based on tread pattern and the fact that Crossmarks are crap in the wet (going by my wife's experience of Crossmarks on her Anthem). I would therefore want the better tyre on the front in case the ground is wet.
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    Cheers. Thankfully wet wont be an issue (and yes, they're awful in the wet, or at least the first version was).
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    Both are lightweight fast-rolling tyres. What width are they? I'd put the wider one on the front as I don't believe there is much in it grip wise between them.

    I do know that when I had a 27.5x2.25 Crossmark II on the rear, it kept spinning out on mucky climbs out of bombholes. It was competing with a Maxxis High Roller II 2.3" triple compound on the front. I quickly swapped out the Crossmark for a Continental Trail KIng 2.2" with black chilli compound (no more spinning out!)
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    2.1 crossmark, 2.2 Ikon... so yeah, it's all working out crossmark rear, ikon front.

    I wouldn't normally use tyres like the crossmark, but it's literally just for gravel / road riding (in Spain).
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    Don't forget that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, so mountain biking will be in the dry....... or something like that anyway!
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    Knowing my luck it'll pour down after all the glorious weather here!