Trek Remedy 8 or Norco Sight / Range

Molyno Posts: 2
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HI everybody I am looking for some advice on my next bike purchase.
I have decided on something with more than 140mm of travel as my current bike with 120mm is not quite enough.
This puts me in trial/enduro territory, and with the modern bikes I dont think they have the achilles heel they used to and can climb pretty much as well as many trial bikes (not far off anyway).

I am buying it from Evans and hence some some restrictions, but have narrowed it down to:
1. Trek Remedy 8
2. Norco Sight A2 650
3. Norco Range A2 650

My previous bike was a 26 and I am not ready for the jump to 29 yet, I like to throw the bike around a bit, so have decided on the 27.5" format.

So really it comes down to which is better between the Trek and Norco.
My riding varies massively, I dont really have a regular location, but when I ride it could be wet, dry, rocky, hardpack, trial centre, out in the mountains, even bike park (although I am pretty rubbish). I am looking for an all rounder with a little focus on downhill performance.

thanks in advance