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The hybrid in the £200-300 range question...

Beck90Beck90 Posts: 3
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Hey all, I'm sorry to be asking this question again, but in my searching I found that most people were adamantly against taking the used route and I'm totally happy to so I thought there might be something more to learn.

Same old story again, not really been on a bike since I was a kid, looking at a hybrid because it's entirely for pleasure/exercise.

That said, I think I've narrowed it down to: ... -22-frames At £280 new. ... ke-p296255 At £279 new. ... -20-frames That I can get for around £200 used. ... sport-disc At around £300 used. ... -comp.html That I might be able to grab for around £350 (a little more than I want, but maybe worth it?).

If I advance in the future I expect it would be towards a mountain bike, and when it comes to choosing a hybrid that's 'more' road or MTB I do appreciate the latter more, but I'm thinking that at my level with a decent enough bike, I won't really notice the difference anyway? Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything, or just suggest something else entirely, I know I only have half a clue what I'm talking about.

Thank you in advance.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    If you want the fastest option for smoother surfaces then the Boardman is the way to go. Or the Calibre - you may benefit from a new bike if have been away for a while ie set up, aftersales, warranty etc.

    You will notice the difference in these and the others. The gearing is higher, the ride position is more aggressive, the bikes are lighter. The Specialized will give you the most comfort and a little bit of control over rougher terrain, but the fork is quite limited.

    Personally, from what you have said, I'd go and try a Marasa. Nice wide range of gears, slightly wider tyres than the road based hybrids - is a good all rounder with a smooth ride, and not too heavy.
  • Beck90Beck90 Posts: 3
    Thank you for the input, I was really liking the look of the Marasa and have now managed to bag myself one - and got my partner on board, so now I'm on the look out for another, ha =]
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    The Marasa is a good option, my nephew has one, he has some decent 32mm road tyres for longer road rides and then swaps on 2.1” MTB tyres and uses it as a rigid MTB.
    Currently riding a Whyte T130C, X0 drivetrain, Magura Trail brakes converted to mixed wheel size (homebuilt wheels) with 140mm Fox 34 Rhythm and RP23 suspension. 12.2Kg.
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