BT-DN 110 (DI2) Battery

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Has anyone fitted a BT-DN 110 Battery ( DI2 ) to their bike , could anyone explain the process of the fitting please ,


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    What do you want to know in particular? Its an internal battery replacing the old standard, which owners need if they want to use the new D-Fly unit. You can fit it inside the seat post either with the expensive Shimano and aftermarket clamps, or as I did by wrapping it in just enough electrical tape to securely wedge it in the seat tube. Connects to Junction B exactly the same as the old version or via the D-Fly unit if you use one.
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  • Power02
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    I’m process of buying a bike with old battery already installed , shop want £25 to fit new one , I was wondering if it was easy to do myself , once I purchase new battery, cheers
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    Very Easy 8)