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Guidance on first bike :)

nprashnprash Posts: 2
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I’m a newbie planning to get a bike which will be majorly used for commute (3-4miles) and occasional weekend rides (40miles). I’ve been looking at Fuji because of the discounts and offers. I was thinking about Fuji Sportif 1.5 disc 2018 ($999) and sportif 2.0 disc 2017 ($699 - available size 49, 54, 56; I'm 5'9"). Could you suggest which one I should go for? Or do is there anything other bike that you would suggest (Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, etc.)? ... 18-31-8646 ... ve-31-6808

I'm planning to get one this weekend, and would appreciate if you could help me with it :D

Looking forward to be part of the biking community

P.S. My budget is less than $1000, and if I can get a great bike with flat bar then I can consider that too


  • Camcycle1974Camcycle1974 Posts: 1,356
    Go to a bike shop and try out loads of bikes. Don't buy one online until you know what dimensions etc you need. Consider getting a bike fit done BEFORE you buy a bike to work out the ideal geometry for your shape.
  • kingrollokingrollo Posts: 3,197
    Keep the cost down on the first bike - ride it - read about it - learn

    Sure fit is important - but they are pretty expensive these days - theres lots of on line guides that you can do it yourself. IMO i wouldn't shell out for a bike fit unless you have problems and tweaking the position yourself doesn't help.

    There are ball park figures which should ensure you purchase the right size bike in the first place.
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