Veolce 10 speed chain

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I brought a new Veloce cassette and chain to replace my worn ones, my LCB put this bike together a few years ago, don't use this bike much, anyway..........I used a standard 10 speed chain tool and broke the coupling pin, the manual said you need a CN-200 Campagnolo 10 speed chain tool for a mere £100! I pressed against the pin straight you must need a special chain tool pin with a special end, I was thinking about a KMC quick link? Is this the only way? Should've brought a KMC chain in the 1st place!


  • keef66
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    I've found for 10 speed chains you need a decent chain tool to drive out a pin. Completely trashed 2 cheap Halfords ones before I bought a Park Tool mini chain brute which works well.
    Once you've done that you can join the ends with a KMC missing link. Make sure you get the 10 speed Campag version.
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    ok, I don't see the point in buying a Campag 10 speed chain without the Campy tool (i have the 11 speed Campy tool that I brought about 3 years ago, but I use this a few times a year and this doesn't line up correctly with the Veloce chain as I discovered) - cheers
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    Just use a KMC quick link to join Campag chain. Works well for me
    with 10 and 11 speed. Just make sure you get the right link. As said above, you do need a quality chain tool as those pins are very hard to shift.

    I have a £20 Lezyne Campag 11 speed chain tool which does the same job of peening the joining pin as the £100 Campag tool. This gives you the option of joining it the official way rather than using a quick link.
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    Brought a £3 KMC quick link, works like a peach, really smooth shifting :D