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Would anyone recommend any videos for building a bike. Not too technical but enough to cover all the bases?
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  • keef66
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    I sometimes google for vids of whatever I'm about to do on bikes and cars, and watch a few different ones till I have a good idea of what's involved.

    Although I've built / rebuilt a couple of bikes I've never looked for a complete bike build vid, but I'd be curious to see what order they do it in.
  • joey54321
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    Unless you had the same components would likely not be that useful.

    Campag Vs Sram Vs Shimano
    HTII Vs Sram Vs BB30 Vs etc... bottom bracket/cranks
    Direct mount brake Vs dual caliper Vs disc Vs Hydro disc

    there are too many combinations. Better to look up the videos for the specific tasks you are doing.
  • The Rookie
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    Go to and look at the relevant sections as you go.

    Nothing is really hard, I got back into cycling by building my first bike (in 25 years) and it was a lot different to the last bike I worked on (cottered cranks and upgraded from a 3 speed sturmey to a 5 speed!).
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    You can't go wrong. SRAM and Shimano are more or less the same tools, its only Campag that want to play silly buggers. Buy the tools you need at the time rather than an expensive kit with some tools you will never use. The components can only fit in one place and only a complete idiot could put them somewhere they don't go. Indexing, bar tape wrapping, chain length setting etc can all be found on You Tube.
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