Cannondale SuperSix Evo HM 2015 Headset Size

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Hi All,

As title, anyone know the size for a Cannondale SuperSix Evo HM 2015 Headset?

I've seen "Italian 1 1/8 + 1 1/4" as well as "Italian 1 1/8 + 1 1/2"

I also don't know what Italian means, I guess its related to angle and size?



  • springtide9
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    I think I've managed to find them..

    "Cannondale 1-1/8 & 1-1/4 SuperSix EVO and CAAD10 CAAD12 Bearing Set HDL002"
  • Vino'sGhost
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    looks like it :)
  • keef66
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    I've never heard of an Italian headset, only BB shells. I shall have a read up on Sheldon.

    Hopefully it refers to the grade of olive oil used in the bearings and not the fact they are made of engineering grade pasta...
  • Vino'sGhost
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    it refers to the early day of the semi integrated headset which were Campagnola starting with the CAAD5 if i remember.

    They were /are dropped into the headtube and have a specific chamfer (45deg??) the original campag ones that cannondale specced lasted about 3 minutes. once things got dirty.