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Trek Domane 5.9 bottom bracket

bikes`n`gunsbikes`n`guns Posts: 959
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It`s bloody away again ! Heard it clicking today.

Less than a year this time , I`m on number 4 I think.

Less than 1500 km by my reckoning.

Is this acceptable ? and how long before the frame suffers from replacement BB`s
Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently


  • Dm2309Dm2309 Posts: 6
    What BB is in there, I had a tiagra BB for years (year round) and it ran perfectly, now running a Hope one

    Sounds like something is wrong with the frame to eat BB's at that rate
  • bikes`n`gunsbikes`n`guns Posts: 959
    Thats whats worrying me.
    Had an upgraded one fitted on the recommendation of the Trek dealer as I had been through too many in my view.
    I know that eventually they have to go oversized, but as I have had the dealer fit them all , the frame warranty should be safe.

    Will see them tomorrow and discuss it, but at less than a year old I expect it to be warranted. I have my Strava log to show mileage as well.
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,876
    It will be a pressfit, bb90 if i'm not mistaken.

    Won't be anything wrong with the frame, unless the BB was installed incorrectly. More likely just the typical pressfit creak. Just google it.
  • bikes`n`gunsbikes`n`guns Posts: 959
    Nope, there is movement in it so it has failed again. Prematurely in my view and within a 12 month period regardless.

    I`m more bothered about replacing the bearings too often which will wear the frame at the bottom bracket, hence the reason they make an oversized. Somehow I doubt Trek would honour a frame warranty on the basis that BB`s have worn it out.
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,876
    The movement will just be from worn bearings though.

    I'll afraid they will never replace those under warranty.

    This is why pressfit bb's are so bloody awful.
    I have two bikes with that bb and was actually told by a well respected mechanic of a pro UK cycling team that unless you are prepared to strip and grease the bearings after every wet ride, you should only ride in the dry.
  • bikes`n`gunsbikes`n`guns Posts: 959
    Checked the bearing after they said it would be replaced under warranty if it had failed.
    Tightened said bearing and said it was ok, test ride proved the frame making even more noise and still a clicking play in the BB
    Said further investigation required and would be contacting Trek about it as well.
    If the bearing is OK it looks like a frame issue. Lifetime warranty so we`ll see once it`s been looked at further.
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Press-fit BBs can work extremely well. The factory fitted Shimano BB in my CR1 is coming up to 5 years old and still silky smooth and silent. Mind you, it rarely goes out in the wet...
  • bikes`n`gunsbikes`n`guns Posts: 959
    Called today to collect after it was fixed. Bearing was not seated properly, everything cleaned etc and rebuilt.

    Rode it 10 yrds and the noise kicked off. Movement is still there in the BB so the whole thing is off to Trek for assessment.

    Suspicion is bearing shell separating from the carbon BB.
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
  • Vino'sGhostVino'sGhost Posts: 4,129
    sounds like your hole has gone sloppy
  • bikes`n`gunsbikes`n`guns Posts: 959
    ooo`err missus.

    How very dare you. My hole is just fine thankyou. Bikes is buggered though. (see what I did there ?)
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,551
    ooo`err missus.

    How very dare you. My hole is just fine thankyou. Bikes is buggered though. (see what I did there ?)

    Saw this video link in a previous thread somewhere. Does not include Trek in the review but the data on other major manufacturers (Boardman, Cannondale, Cervelo ) suggests that the manufacturing tolerances on the frames are so poorly controlled that in some cases it is almost inevitable that creaking is going to occur at some point.

    Bit heavy on the engineering data but if you bear with it there are some interesting conclusions.

    He also presents a case study on solving a creaking BB on a Trek Madone 5.9. Link below

    At 24mins long I have not watched it in its entirety but essentially it came down to choosing the correct bearing with the best manufacturing tolerances
  • Got the bike back from Trek today.
    They have carried out a repair as opposed to replacing the frame.

    They have cored out the carbon round the BB and inserted a carbon insert in it`s place, bonded in. BB is then inserted into the new carbon insert.

    Time will tell.
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
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