R8000 multiple issues

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Was previously a member but could no longer access my old account, probably to old as it had been a few years...

In January I had my trusty caad9 upgraded with ultegra r8000, first few rides were a dream still not 100% with the switch from look to Shimano pedals but that's off topic...

After 3-4 weeks things went odd, first the rear mech would randomly shift, mostly when putting some power down, even if I shifted to just spin up a hill it would randomly shift and nearly throw me off.

Had a bit of time off the bike due to an unrelated leg breaking incident, so fettled with the barrel adjuster and seemed to fix it, today's ride how ever was good - although every time I tried to pick up pace I heard rubbing mostly on the drive side... have given the bike a good check and by chance pulled the brakes while looking at the wheel, one pad is touching first and forcing the rim to the other pad, this looks like it's both front and rear wheel.

Is this a set up issue as I let Evans build the bike and service it (Which was a PITA as bike didn't get sorted till mid February)

Any tips on how to fix the problem... I just want to get out and ride since I haven't been able to for 3months lol


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    Sounds as simple as your gears need indexing properly and your brakes centering with the small allen key on the caliper. Any competent home mechanic should be able to do jobs like these. If not, search YouTube for the how to or your LBS will do it in exchange for money.
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    Gears seem sorted, will try and sort the brakes out today, hopefully it's a quick fix
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    The callipers aren't centred. There's a tiny Allen bolt on top - turn that to centre them. All of 10 seconds work.
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    Yep, what they all said. Index your gears and centre your brake calipers. Ten minutes, job done.
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    All sorted, thanks for the help guys