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"Resin only" rotors

guitarsammyguitarsammy Posts: 3
edited July 2018 in The workshop
Bought a brand new 2017 Genesis Croix De Fer from a reputable dealer a few months back.

I commute in all weathers on a pretty hilly route (20 miles per day), with lots of stopping. I'm at close to 1000 miles and decided to give the brakes a good checking over this evening to see if there's much wear. The front pads do look close-ish (probably a bit of life in them yet, though). The rears don't look too bad.

Anyway, I'm digressing. What I did notice is that the rotors are Shimano SM-RT54 and they have "Resin Pad Only" printed on them. However, the pads (original, supplied with the bike when purchased) are Shimano J04C metal pads. I called the dealer and the guy I spoke to didn't miss a beat before saying it was nothing to worry about, and that metal pads are fine on the resin only rotors.

Reading up online this evening, there seems to be lots of different opinions on this matter. What do people on here think? And isn't it a bit strange that Genesis would have supplied the bike with mismatching parts like this?!


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