Carbon Bike (Matte) Paint Chip

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Hi all,

I got myself a new bike this week (Trek Emonda SLR - Project one with a matte paint). I only took it for one ride and I already noticed this damage to the paint. If it's just purely cosmetic I don't care much about it, but I'm not sure if I should be concerned. Do I just add some clear nail polish? Can water damage the carbon fiber underneath it?



  • shirley_basso
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    Leave it.

    Maybe get some clear tape to put under the cables to stop then scratching the paint.
  • orlok
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    I did go back to the seller because a new bike have guaranty also on the (matte) paint.
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    Leave the chip but do not rely in that spiral stuff to prevent cable rub. Put some clear helicopter tape on the frame.
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    Christ... :roll: :|
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