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Hey guys and gals, I'm hoping all you lovely people could share some of your infinite wisdom and guide me in to buying the right mtb. I'm 6ft1 and weighing in on a hefty 25st/350lbs and wish to start losing weight. I have had a bit of a research and struggling to get anything concrete and weight limits on shocks and wheel sizes. I have seen the brand rockshox come up a lot when people have said heavy riders but they are only talking about 250lbs/18st. I think I need coils rather than air as I think I am more likely to pop seals on the air. With wheel sizes 27.5inch I think would be stronger than 29inch. Also not too sure on the tire width as only seen around 2.25inch on stuff. I have got around £500 to spend and could really need guidance as don't want to buy something that would always be locked out and break on me for when I take it on a trail or what ever. The bike I have looked towards is something like the Marlin 7 (2018) from Evans cycles, which have RockShox XC 30 coils.


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    The 30 refers to the diameter of the stanchions, and those are spindly. As long as you don't go too fast or try anything rough you might be OK.

    You would be better off getting something pre-loved. Your money will buy you a stronger and better quality bike.
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    OK that's help full I'm nit sure what sizes they come in but something like 50mm if they do it might be better suited, I cant so for sure that I will be taking it easy as would rather have something that will be able to handle a beating as such. Now I'm not saying I'm going to be dropping off 6ft drops or anything but rather have the strength just for security. Yeah it will be heavier but what is a extra pound or two lol.
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    You won't find anything with stanchions that chunky. 32 is about standard for XC/trail riding, going up to 36mm on longer travel forks. Trouble is the forks alone would cost around your total budget.

    Cycling is not the best way to lose weight. I would look at diet and walking to start.
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    I'll see if I can get lucky enough on a pre owned bike with bigger forks.

    Thanks for the concern about the losing weight however its not just cycling I'll be just doing.
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    Not even the downhill world champions go beyond 40mm stanchion diameter. I wouldn't go below 32 as a minimum. Anyway, as you lose weight and get fitter, you will be able to go faster!
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    If you check manufacturers websites like specialized etc. they have rider weight limits for each bike they make. They top out at 300lbs which doesn’t mean they won’t take your weight just they will wear out faster and to be safe can only be ridden on gentler trails until you lose more weight.

    I found the fastest way to lose weight is cut out most junk food, processed food, sugary drinks and snacks. Then just eat what you want and don’t go hungry as you need energy for cycling and everything else.

    Good luck :)
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    A buddy of mine found these Fox Suspension 34 Float Performance 27.5" Fork 2017 Steerer Diameter 1.1/8" - 1.5" Tapered Option QR15 x 100mm Size 120mm Wheel Size 27.5" (650B) for a cheap price almost a third of the rrp. So was wondering if it was worth building a bike with those. Also Ive looked at the voodoo bokor and that seems to be OK.

    Yeah I mainly get the calories in liquid form so I know I need to start drinking healthier
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    32mm stanchion forks would be fine unless you are riding jumps and drops, I rode 28mm for a long time and it wasn’t that long ago that the Boxxer downhill fork still had 32mm stanchions. But yes 34 would give you a better safety margin.
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