Rattling Bolt (Wahoo variety)

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I could probably figure out some bodge for this myself, but it must be a common problem so I thought I'd ask..

My Wahoo Bolt rattles a bit on its aero handlebar mount because the plastic swivel-lock mechanism (on the mount, the Bolt or both) is worn. Really annoying, especially on a new bike build...

Quick fix anyone?


  • daniel_b
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    Sugru? Have some, but yet to work with it.
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  • grenw
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    Same on mine. Bit of blu tack underneath the Wahoo wedges it in a little more. Fix in place for a year now with no problems.
  • neeb
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    One issue is that I take mine on and off quite a lot (hence why it's worn probably) so would think that somethng like sugru or blu tack wouldn't last very long.

    Plastic electrical tape would be another solution but with the same problem probably.
  • grenw
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    I take mine off after every ride so twice a week for a year. It doesn't stick it merely lifts it a bit to make the quarter turn a bit more snug