Hayes brakes x#@%*!

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I've got a 2010 rockhopper it's had a hope headset, mavic disc only rims, New seat and hayes stroker ryde brakes fitted

I've not ridden it for a few years and forgotten how much play and rattle there was in the brake levers. In my nativity i decided if I bled the brakes it would help with the play in the levers

Ordered bleed kit from epic but not having much success, keep getting seepage around caliper hose bleed nipple

I'm thinking for the riding i do, small scale xc, it'd be easier to have a mechanical disc that was easy to maintain rather than pxssing around with these hydraulics

Can someone recommend me a passable good mechanical disc along the lines of a bb7 but cheaper!



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    Mechanical discs are sh1t. Get some new hydraulics.
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    Are they easier to maintain, bleed etc than these hayes?

    Are the cheap Clarks any good and do they bleed easy?
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    I had some Hayes Stroker Ryde hydraulic brakes on my 2008 Kona Kula. They worked flawlessly for years. I removed them from the bike in Nov'16 and sold them for £39 on eBay. No complaints received. As far as I know they are still going strong. I never even had to have them bled! :)

    If yours don't work, then they need a service, or they are damaged beyond repair.

    But do yourself a big favour and do not blame the fact that they are hydraulic and go get yourself a pair of mechanical disc brakes. They will never be as strong as hydraulic and you will be unhappy. Spend your money either on some new hydraulic brakes or on getting your current ones fixed (if possible).
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    Stick with hydraulic brakes.

    Get a set of older shimano with separate brake fluid reservoir, those are the easiest to bleed.
    I hate those that use double syringe as they are a nightmare to bleed.

    Also the latest sram brakes with the special Bleed adapter seem easy.
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    Tektro spykes are not bad. Shimano deore brakes are pretty good too.

    Edit does anyone have any clue how to turn of predictive text? I'm really fecked of with it.
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    If it’s an Apple device it’s in Settings>General>Keyboard and then deselect Predictive.
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    The newer clarks are rebanded old shimanos.

    M395 = clark m2.