Decent fairy resistant 20" tyres?

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have out this in commuting, as I imagine some folders utilise 20" wheels?

My nearly 5 year old daughter is really getting into cycling, and loves to complete journeys of a few miles to nearby locations, which is great to see.

I'm keen to go further afield, and take a picnic along etc, head for a cafe, but am also conscious that I would rather her from bike did not suffer an unwanted fairy visits (For the danger element as much as inconvenience), as much as she may think she personaly likes fairies in general.

On my commuter\child towing hybrid bike I have Marathon pluses, and on my winter bike I have Durano pluses, so was wondering about something similar for her bike - or perhaps that is overkill. Any own brand cheaper alternatives out there that people recommend?
The mileage covered will be less, so if there was something that had 65% of the protection of a marathon, but for half the cost, I would certainly give it some careful consideration.


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  • On my Dahon, I use Vredestein Moiree 20” tyres. They’re fast enough to make roadies sweat and so far I’ve not had much trouble from the fairy.