Full Face Helment and Knee Pads

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I’m about to start riding the downhill trails at Aston Hill Buckinghamshire on a YETI SB5C. My next step is to buy some knee pads and full face helmet and could really do with some advice.

For the helmet obviously I’d go for something new which meets safety standards but I’m wondering what price to come in at for a first full face. I’ve seen some Lazer helmets for about £80 which my local shop recommends and many others online ranging from £150 - £300 or more. I don’t really want a detachable chin section as I already have a trail helmet and not too keen to the Fox Proframe as it looks a bit compromised in terms of strength and protection from branches. I’m not looking to pay minimum nor do I want to pay more than necessary for a first full face helmet. Would appreciate some recommendations to find a good one?

Likewise I’m thinking the same for knee pads. I’ve been advised that they come in different levels of protection and for this I’d rather higher protection knee pads and am prepared to sacrifice a bit of comfort and lightness. However I’m not exactly doing Red Bull Rampage. Again some recommendations would be great as there seem to be so many brands online and my local shops do not carry that much stock to try them on.



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    Have a look at the Met Parachute. RRP is almost £200, but if you Google, you can get £50 off that .

    First rate helmet according to the reviews, err, and me, (although I've not had any other). Light and well ventilated.

    I'll let other recommend knee guards as my taste is perhaps more lightweight then full on DH would require.