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I'm replacing my rather poor 9 speed groupset on the Montague with some spare 10 speed 105 parts I've got lying around.

Now, the bit I don't have is a Derailleur (it got smashed to hell in an accident). I can easily still buy a 10 speed 105 one from pretty much anywhere but the 10 speed Tiagra (4601) is about a tenner cheaper.

I'd assume that they'd be compatible but does anyone know of any advantages of either?

Is the new Tiagra simply a re-branded old style 105 which means I should get it or is it still 'inferior' in someway to the old 105 kit?
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    10 speed tiagra will work, but max teeth at the back is 30. med cage 105 will do 34 I think.

    I went 105 when I swapped mine for the choice, shifting is no better or worse.

    edit - everywhere I look 5700 105 is the same price or cheaper than 4600 tiagra, new tiagra is cheaper but wont work.
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