Workstand for bike with Thru Axles

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My new bike is a Trek Domane SL6 Disc. It has thru axles. The workstand I currently have is the old style Tacx Spider Team Workstand, bought in 2012. I have now realised on coming to clean my bike that securing it on the stand depends on QR skewers and therefore cannot be used with thru axles (obviously!). Long shot, but has anyone had the same problem and know whether it is possible to adapt the stand in some way to take the thru axles? I notice that the newer Tacx Spider Team T3350 does have adapters for thru axles. It is currently available at Decathlon for £99.99 which seems like a good price but it's still money I'd rather not spend!

Supplementary question: one thing I don't like about the Tacx Spider Team is that it is no use for my winter bike as the mudguards get in the way and I don't really want to be taking the rear wheel off every week in winter just to give it a quick clean/lube. So for my winter bike (aluminium) I use a cheapo Lidl stand and grip the bike by the top tube. I'd rather not clamp the Trek like this. Rather than buying the new Tacx Spider Team would I be better off spending a little more and buying a decent (say Park Tools) workstand that is able to support both bikes via the seat post? Any recommendations?



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    Isnt there a replacement to convert to thru axles? I have the park one and can get a different bit . I def prefer over my other work stand with a shop style clamp