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New bike under $2000

jvargas741jvargas741 Posts: 5
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Hello guys. Need a new bike and my budget is $2000. I’m in Costa Rica btw.

I reduced my options to 3 bikes, all three are below my budget and they are 105 group.

- Trek emonda s5
- Scott addict 20
- Giant TCR Advanced 2

I know they may be basic bikes but are carbon frame at least. Think I want a bike that worth doing some upgrades later (wheels, group?).

Any suggestions?



  • Anyone! I need to decide by tomorrow!!!
  • SpatulalaSpatulala Posts: 291
    jvargas741 wrote:
    Anyone! I need to decide by tomorrow!!!

    Truthfully I imagine they're all pretty solid, I just enjoyed a Scott Addict 20 for a few days hire in Switzerland and it was the first hire bike that I've actually thought that I would buy given the chance. The others funnily enough were a TCR Advanced (truthfully it was nearly as good as the Addict) and a Domane (worst of the 3 but wasn't set up as well as the others so perhaps unfair to judge too harshly).
  • MiddleRingerMiddleRinger Posts: 678
    Buy the one that:

    1) Fits you the best
    2) You like the look of the most

    All three are good bikes that will serve you well and can be upgraded.
  • Thanks guys! I like them all, the emonda is not as attractive/good looking as the others. I just found out that the TCR Advance is not available so... think I will be getting the Scott one.

    I like it. It feels nice. It’s a huge upgrade compared to my actual 2011 specialized Allez Sport! And It is not that heavy.

    I’m kind of newbie. Have been riding for a year and a half but taking it serious since January.
  • Ended up buying a new Orbea Orca m30. All 105 group.
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