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Newbie - First bike advice

JobbyOvyJobbyOvy Posts: 4
edited June 2018 in MTB buying advice
Hi all!

So, I am relatively new to this. I want to get my first hardtail bike that I can go out and do a few forest/off road rides on, but also use to commute to work. The commute is relatively short, so I don’t want to go down the hybrid/road bike route and would rather opt for something that I can use to take off road for fun.

I have £1000 to spend on the cycle to work scheme and am currently looking at the two below bikes. I am keen on going for 29” tyres due to the commuting and the extra roll speed they should give. My issue is I do not know which components are necessarily better than the other. If anyone is willing to help/advise and say which bike they would go for, or if there are other bikes I should be considering, it would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Scale 980 -

Giant Fathom 29er 2- ... Nxx8138034



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