Coast to coast

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I have been planning on doing the coast to coast from Whitehaven to Sunderland for a while now but never got into booking up and organising dates as of yet. My fitness levels have been poor of late but they are starting to improve again and I really want to do this C2C now. I was looking at possibly doing it in September and finishing in Sunderland before our home game on September 8th
This gives me good time to improve leg strength more and get things booked to do it

My questions are to anyone that has done it what way would people recommend doing things. 3/4 days?

What are the 2 big hills like going over the Pennines? I have just done 3 big hills of at least 200m plus yesterday, one being Grinton Bank where the TDF went a few years back which is around 500m I think. I actually didn't find this too bad, a couple of drink stops on the way up as it was 30degrees

What are the best places to stay? Should I stay in Penrith and Stanhope or would you recommend elsewhere near to them locations

I will be looking go do it for Isla Caton through the Bradley Lowery Foundation. I am playing in a charity football match in August for her already in a SAFC/NUFC v Millwall/West ham game down in London

Thanks people ☺