RockShox Recon Silver TK Air vs. Fox 32 Rhythm

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I am looking at a new MTB after my current was stolen.

Right now I am looking at Cube - because I can get a good discount on those.

For the time being I am looking at these two

1) Cube Reaction C62 Pro
2) Cube Reaction C62: Race

The main difference appears to be the fork:

1) comes with a RockShox Recon Silver TK Air and the
2) comes with Fox 32 Rhythm

While I know the Fox 32 is the better fork - I actually like the rest of the setup better on the Pro - (Sram GX 1x12, compared to a Shimano 2x11 on the Race)

However I literally got no clue if the fork is worth paying the extra £200-300 for?


  • steve_sordy
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    Getting the right fork can make a massive difference to your ride, so I would opt for the Fox.

    I bought a new bike that came with a 2013 version Fox CTD Evolution TALAS (ie 110/140 travel). At first I loved it, the test ride was great, the geometry suited me etc. The Evolution fork was OK, but I found it too ready to dive through its travel. There was no way to tune the air spring and no dials or levers that I could use to alter the diving except the basic Climb, Trail, Descend lever. Trail was just about OK, but Descend was way too divey. Reducing the sag just made the bike too harsh, more like a pogo stick! It quickly got on my wick and I put up with it for six months. Finally, I had a 2014 version Factory FIT damper fitted instead. In addition to a different spring curve and an improved damper, it had the 3-position compression damping on the Trail setting. This was the top of the range but without the Kashima coated stanchions. I sold the old damper on eBay for £50 to offset the cost.

    Wow! What a difference! Worth every penny! I rode that bike for three more years and every trip out was a joy. The guy I sold the bike to 16 months ago still loves it. As I said, getting the right fork can make a massive difference to your ride. :)

    I recommend that you read as many reviews as you can find of the two forks (I have ridden neither) before buying. Better still arrange test rides, and not just up and down the High Street or the car park.
  • mark_fogel
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    I have not ridden the Rhythm but I previously owned a Cube with a Fox 32 Float CTD which was fairly plush. It kinda had the tendency to dive through the travel a little but with only 100mm it was never an issue. I since replaced the bike with a Marin Nail Trail which has a 120mm Recon Silver RL, while its not quite as as refined/plush still I find it's performance to be really good and I have no complaints, I do not miss the Fox fork at all.

    Try both bikes if you can it might give you some clues to what you prefer as both will feel different.
    If you are riding cross country and blue graded trails the recon fork is probably good enough.
  • I've been running recon silver TKs on my old marin 29er for a few years now. Absolutely no problems with them at all. I'd recommend setting the air pressure to those recommended for your weight but otherwise the set up out of the box was good for me.

    There's plenty of other variables to throw your money at (tyres being one), so if the rest of the running gear is better I'd live with the Rock Shox.
  • steve_sordy
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    Fox introduced the CTD forks in 2013 (maybe 2012, but I believe not) and the performance of the damper and the Climb-Trail-Descend settings were in answer to their customer's stated need for forks that were easier to set up and softer. Maybe they should have given more weight to those customers that knew what they were doing! Almost overnight Fox went from top of the tree to a laughing stock. On top of that Rockshox were launching new forks and/or dampers and new entrants were coming on to the market (like X-Fusion). Fox responded very well, but it took them a couple of years to undo the damage. So if anyone says they had difficulty with Fox forks, ask if they were CTD style and what year were they? The non CTD ones (even those from before CTD, allowing for wear and tear) are all good.
  • The Rookie
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    CTD Were 2013 MY, so probably on sale from about October 2012, in addition at the same time they did the cheap ‘evolution’ range just to add insult to injury.
    Currently riding a Whyte T130C, X0 drivetrain, Magura Trail brakes converted to mixed wheel size (homebuilt wheels) with 140mm Fox 34 Rhythm and RP23 suspension. 12.2Kg.
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    Both these are going to feel smooth and 'good' out of the box. But the Fox is the better fork. The TK damper is crude and will not offer the control the Fox can (though you may be able to upgrade to the damper to a Motion Control). Is the Fox worth that extra? Hard to call, you can pick up some good after market forks for that price difference that are better than that Fox.