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Virgin Trains and bikes - how to book them on?

jgsijgsi Posts: 5,061
edited June 2018 in The cake stop
Buying a ticket, easy enough online.. do you have to call customer services to book a place for the bike?


  • sam_anonsam_anon Posts: 153
    Yep, as per most train operators.
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,061
    Found it on the website, cheers.
  • jeatsyjeatsy Posts: 26
    Oh, that's a pity - Virgin used to let you book online. says you can also book at a station, which might be less annoying than listening to who-knows-how-many minutes of hold music? A problem shared (with a member of staff in the ticket office) is a problem halved :twisted:
  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,061
    It seems you have to pay a visit at the station booking office anyway for the bike tag.
    It's £15 quid to get us to Holyhead in a few weeks time. if the weather holds up.
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