Pin hole in WTB Exposure tubeless sidewall - best fix?

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I'm running a pair of WTB Exposure TCS tyres on my winter/CX bike, set up as tubeless. I've noted that the front regularly loses air and have also found a "Pin hole" in the side wall. Pretty confident was there from new. Sealant sorts it eventually but I tend to forget it's there, clean the bike (including going over muddy tyres with a stiff brush) and end up removing the small "plug" of sealant that had presumably filled the hole. Sometimes do the same simply by running my thumb over the sidewall when checking for issues pre-ride :roll:

Is there a longer term fix I could use? Have read that tyre worms aren't great on thin sidewalls. Superglue? I presume a patch on the inside wouldn't stick well either due to the sealant sloshing about....?

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