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string78string78 Posts: 59
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Hi all,

I received some good advice on here a couple of months back but still find myself searching for a hardtail. I had ordered a Calibe Line 10 when Go Outdoors were running a 20% discount weekend but unfortunately the order was cancelled due to no stock.

It's put me back to the drawing board and the search continues. Initially had been thinking a 27.5 but have been thinking a 29er might be an option. Looking for a 1x11 or 1x10 set up, mainly to be used for riding in the woods and a bit at Hadleigh, Essex - although none of the major technical stuff.

The Bizango looks a good deal but just don't find it eye catching enough to buy.

The Calibre 10 is still a consideration but would rather wait until another promotion is run.

Three bikes in my thoughts are:
. Just been reduced to £800 and hopefully can get another 10% off with BC Membership.

. Looks nice in the flesh but seems a little heavy although a much cheaper option, especially if it goes on offer.



Again can use BC discount on both of these.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.



  • billycoolbillycool Posts: 833
    Boardman Pro is good for the money, particularly with the discount. Decent spec.

    Not so keen on the MHT.

    The Vitus are also well thought of and its a good bike.

    You've got 2 good options there. Really need to try them. Not possible with the Vitus (unless you know someone who has one).
    "Ride, crash, replace"
  • string78string78 Posts: 59
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Will see if Halfords will let me test out the Boardman Pro.

    The Vitus is probably the preferred choice but I do like to get value for money and the Boardman at £720 is tempting! Probably other ways to bring that price down with cashback, vouchers etc too.
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