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Haldon Forest

Robbie1220Robbie1220 Posts: 11
edited June 2018 in MTB beginners
Has anyone been to Haldon Forest for a ride? Had a look at some videos and it looks good but just seeing if anyone had a tip for the best trails/fast bits.


  • Been here a couple of times, the routes arent overly long so unless you're ridiculously unfit or only have an hour to spare then you can do both the blue and red multiple times.

    Both times i have been here i did the blue and red twice in a day, im not overly fit and the first time i came here i hadnt biked for a good few years.

    They are good fun but not amazingly technical. I never went anywhere off piste but im sure someone else can point you in that direction.
    Trails are well signposted and theres a half decent cafe on site too.
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