External to Internal Cable Conversion

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I have an old Specialized Allez that I use for winter/turbo riding.

Is it possible to change from external cables to internal?

I don't mind drilling holes in the frame etc but was wondering if anyone has done it?

I mainly want to get rid of the rear brake cable (On the higher spec Allez, they are in the top tube)


  • timothyw
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    If you drill holes big enough that you can feed the brake outer through the inside of the frame, then it should be fairly easy and not excessively dangerous (although pulling through the outer will not be much fun at all).

    You'll obviously invalidate your warranty, and the brakes might feel a bit more gummy due to the added friction from the longer run of outer. And if the frame fails where you drilled it, don't blame me.

    Can't see the point if I'm honest.
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    it just a shittt idea really.
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    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
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    He's right you know.
  • dannbodge
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    Just a personal thing that I hate the look of external cables, plus they always get caught on stuff.

    The frame is from 2009 so well out of warranty.
    I'd be looking at getting proper end stops like proper internal cables use, so only the cable inner goes through the frame.
  • fenix
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    just dont look at the cables then - simple !

    This is going to be a messy and maybe dodgy thing to do for zero benefit.
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    My Synapse is the first internally cabled bike that I have had and it's a doddle to work on BUT I have seen plenty of others whingeing about how difficult it can be on their bikes. On that basis, I can only imagine that a DIY attempt to convert an old bike such as the Allez would not end well especially as there is also the possibility that you might end up compromising the structural integrity of the frame. When out riding, just spend more time looking at the road ahead and less at the cabling.

    Out of interest, what 'stuff' are the cables 'always getting caught on' as it's not a problem that I have ever encountered. Maybe, the solution is just to shorten some of the cables.
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    Buy a frame with internal cable routing, strip your existing bike and sell the old frame.
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    Not sure I share all the negativity. If you can install proper end stops this should be fine. Don't think I'd bother myself but if you fancy having a go..... :D
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D
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    It's probably possible with a bit of planning for the best place to drill the holes. You could probably source a few of the grub stop things from your local friendly bike shop. You might get a bit of cable rattle. Personally I think it's just a lot of work for minimal benefit - but you should definitely try it and report back. Would be interesting to see the results, positive or negative.

    philthy3 wrote:
    Buy a frame with internal cable routing, strip your existing bike and sell the old frame.
    ^ That would be the most sensible option.